Hoosier Cutout Service Video list
All of my Vimeo Vids are here
AND here TOO on Youtube
Here is a short vid of my facility / proving grounds
Flying In Perth Australia with Lockey
The Taube in Perth Australia with Lockey
Yakima Glider sampler
My DG808
Foamy Buc doing 1000' flight
Foamy F-22 FPV flight
Foamy Buccaneer FPV
Judi Cockpit view
Vixon on water
Viking on water
XR-1 Maiden in 2019
XR1 flash test flight Oct 2019
Beeker with 5 channels
Beeker having some fun
Sparklers on Plane July 4
Beekers 1st outing
Evening on Pond
Judi on Ground
Judi on Water Stunning water shots
Judi 32 on Water Stunning water shots
200% Judi Maiden
Indoor Delta
200% Judi Sea Jet
Harpy Redeux
F 15 large 9mm depron
Mig 29 large 9mm depron
F-22 large Pink Foam
Large 3d Red Trim 9mm depron
F-15 small version in WA state
Falcon / Falclone foamy
X copter 2008
Indiana State weather
Aviation Weather
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