I'm retired and I have a monster CNC Machine
a ShopBot with a 96" x 48" capacity
a 4'x8' ply sheet of Ribs cut here
I was considering calling my business JUST CUTTING
because I am not interested in an all encompassing Full Kit Service.
I really don't want to ruin a great hobby by starting a big business,
with a large investment in inventory et al
However, I want to provide a useful service for Scratch Builders.

That said, please realize that my CNC machine is a hobby too.

So far it has worked out well for many happy customers and myself.

I have cut literally thousands of 1/4" balsa parts over the last 14 years.
Since 2007 I have been making and delivering Foamy Kits
to hundreds of guys around the world.


I've selected Depron, MPF, Balsa and Plywood.
Depron sizes and costs are ...
White 3mm & 6mm, 13"x39" & 27"x39" sheet size at Current Market Price
Model Plane Foam 24"x48" sheet size at Current Market Price
Standard balsa sheet sizes as well as PLYwood are also possible.
Preferably 3-4" width and 36 or 48" long for balsa
12" widths by 24" or 48" for plywood.
All wood at current retail prices

Custom Jobs

CUSTOM CAD WORK may be accepted if there is a serious interest.
However, if you have CAD skills and can design and layout your own parts
then I also accept DXF files. Contact me for details regarding .0625" offsetting.
If you want ME to do the design work then ...we'll have to talk.
These processes can take anyone many many hours.
Here is how to get hold of me
This is my E-mail address bob@hoosiercutoutservice.com
I have a standard PayPal account for accepting payments.


For starters I plan to charge a flat cutting fee ( $8 / cut sheet )
plus materials costs plus exact shipping.
Cost of materials and shipping are hard to argue with.
My cutting cost is based on the time
it takes me to load and run and unload the machine
I have to be there while it's running
Laser Cutters get $1 per minute machine run time + setups
My estimates are half that or less
Large runs also receive discount consideration.
For example Club Build projects

Example Charges

Here is an example of my costing ...
Depron is currently sold at $4 for white sheet.
My current standard cutting charge is $8 per sheet
USPS shipping for my regular Pizza box is ~$12 depending on location
For example if a design requires 3 ea. sheets of white, 6mm Depron then,
the cost will be ( 3 X $4.00 ) +( 3 x $8 ) + $ 4 handling + ( exact shipping cost ) = $40 + shipping cost
Simply material + labor + handling + shipping = total

Dont compare these costs to Imported or Mass produced prices
These are short runs on a personal machine.
and of course - Made In The U.S.A.
As stated above, Production type jobs can be negotiated.

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If you would rather I accept checks too.
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