We feature payment via -

However the international shipping estimator does not work.

Domestic USA prices are for the Foam parts
and Shipping is added later based on weight.
I am willing to ship outside the USA.

However, some countrys DO NOT allow packages of my size
( 41" x 19" x 2" ) without serious shipping penaltys.
So, please realize that I HAVE TO cut down my standard box
to 40" x 15" x 2" to achieve the Girth limitation or 79".
Even after box modification my experiece has shown cost to fall between $36 and $58
IF you are willing to pay the extra costs
THEN This is my E-mail address bob@hoosiercutoutservice.com
The current actual shipping cost will be verified and
I will notify you of the total.

I ENJOY sending my kits around the WORLD !
I am just sorry that high shipping costs ruin the Fun.

Hours Eastern Std Time 9 AM -4:30 PM

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