Mike's Hammer on Left - My 50" Sbach and My Hammer on Right
This is a 38" span 3D Biplane created by Mike Morrissey
When I read the build thread I knew I had to have one of these.
It covers everything you will ever need to know about this design.
Seriously, Mike has comprehensively covered the subject

Mike has graciously allowed me to offer his design, royalty free.
What I am offering is the Cutting Service for the Foam plus
the Laser cut Ply Motor mount.
Foam Parts will be cut from 2 sheets of MPF
My buddy moves his in the back of a Saab, so even though its big it not too big.
His comprehensive and exhaustively complete build thread.

Free plans here for reference or loners.


New Smaller version 24.75" span

There has been some comments regarding moving such
a big model about in a smaller vehicle.
To remedy that I've taken the 9mm plans
and reduced them to 6mm
The exact .67 scale meant that the 9mm slots and tabs
will now work for 6mm MPF at the new Span
Thats twosheets of MPF.
I'll also be including 4ea laser cut ply horns.
You'll simply have to adjust your equipment size
down for this version
Free pdf plans for reference or loners
will be at the end of the thread.

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