Fare Well Fellow Modelers

This Cutout Service has shut down.
All of my 3mm & 6mm Depron is gone
I am keeping the remaining MPF and "B" grade and "2nds" for myself
THERE IS NO MORE "A" grade MPF to be had!

Hoosier Cutout Service will only be cutting Owens Corning Fanfold PINK foam
and, only on special request.

It has been an entertaining and fruitfull journey.
Beginning in 2005 as Northwest Cutout Service until the present.
I offer a sincere Thank you very much to all of my great customers and supporters.
NOTE: I am still available for custom CAD work, if it's intersting an innovative.

I still have some ready to ship products...
1 ea of SGT's Vipers and an X-wing. First come First served.
If you are intersted please let me know via e-mail.

Fair Winds and Following Seas to all.

Bob at Hoosier Cutout Service.
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